2018 Running Between the Vines
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Aug 18 2018
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Race No
Gun Time
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1Ariana EscobedoNot startedNot started30-34Female min/m
2Paula LealNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
3Susan NathanNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
4Rebecca QuintanaNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
5William T Reid IiiNot startedNot started65-69Male min/m
6Rachel BellehumeurNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
7Kellyanne BezjakNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
8Judi BogerNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
9Brenda BohnsackNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
10Stacie CrosierNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
11Tami CusumanoNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
12Maeve DalyNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
13Rachel EatonNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
14Colin GregoryNot startedNot started25-29Male min/m
15Lisa HillNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
16Tessa HuffmanNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
17Marilyn KocevarNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
18Lynne KovachNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
19Eric LeichtnamNot startedNot started25-29Male min/m
20Jenn LondonNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
21Robert OneillNot startedNot started45-49Male min/m
22Eileen SeegertNot startedNot started55-59Female min/m
23Yuanru TanNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
24Felix WinklerNot startedNot started40-44Male min/m
25John WisniewskiNot startedNot started60-64Male min/m
26Kathy WrenbeckNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
27Maria BarkerNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
28Claire BeckettNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
29Zoe BeckettNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
30Julie BrinkmeierNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
31Makayla DavenportNot startedNot started15-19Female min/m
32Shauna SmithNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
33Dawn ApplegateNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
34Courtney ArendsNot startedNot started30-34Female min/m
35Gloria Arreguin-IsonNot startedNot started60-64Female min/m
36Susan BarnettNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
37Bryan BarnettNot startedNot started50-54Male min/m
38Samantha BeckerNot startedNot started30-34Female min/m
39Christine BenbowNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
40Carrie BennisNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
41Mike BrownellNot startedNot started40-44Male min/m
42Lisa CampbellNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
43Elaine CohenNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
44Sarah CussonNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
45Valery DenbyNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
46Eric DiamondNot startedNot started60-64Male min/m
47Kelly DiubleNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
48Danielle DuszaNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
49Michelle EatoughNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
50Marjorie EllisNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
Page 1 of 24 (1188 items)