2018 Charlevoix
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Mobile Results
23 June 2018
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Race No
Gun Time
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
HM Turn
501Justin AbbottNot startedNot started30-34Male min/m
502Claire AbrahamNot startedNot started30-34Female min/m
503Sarah AbrahamNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
504Richard AldertonNot startedNot started50-54Male min/m
505Jenna AllenNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
506Tracey AllersNot startedNot started30-34Female min/m
507Jan AltizerNot startedNot started55-59Female min/m
508Shelby AmanNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
509Casey AmanNot startedNot started20-24Male min/m
510Erik AnderbergNot startedNot started25-29Male min/m
511Rebecca Andersen-ClarkNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
512Rebecca Andersen-ClarkNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
513Shaylin AndersonNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
514Barbara AndersonNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
515Bruce AndrewsNot startedNot started70-100Male min/m
516Jenna AndrewsNot startedNot started19 and underFemale min/m
517Randall AndrewsNot startedNot started35-39Male min/m
518Amy AnikewichNot startedNot startedPACERFemale min/m
519Lindsey BachmanNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
520Jessie BachmannNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
521Brent BaileyNot startedNot started40-44Male min/m
522William BaileyNot startedNot started19 and underMale min/m
523Amanda BaileyNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
524Kelly BaileyNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
525Gayle BaileyNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
526Stephanie BalchNot startedNot started45-49Female min/m
527Susan BallardNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
528Martha BarilNot startedNot started35-39Female min/m
529Scott BarkerNot startedNot started35-39Male min/m
530Alejandra BarmaschNot startedNot started55-59Female min/m
531Sue BarnesNot startedNot started55-59Female min/m
532Erin BarriosNot startedNot started40-44Female min/m
533Greg BarryNot startedNot started30-34Male min/m
534Brett BartellNot startedNot started40-44Male min/m
535Joshua BartellNot startedNot started35-39Male min/m
536Mark BartellNot startedNot started65-69Male min/m
537Carmen BartleyNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
538Jennifer BauerNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
539Luann BebeeNot startedNot started55-59Female min/m
540Kelly BeebeNot startedNot started40-44Male min/m
541Mark BellNot startedNot started45-49Male min/m
542Savannah BellNot startedNot started20-24Female min/m
543Debbie BellantNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
544Debbie BellantNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
545Kem BeltzNot startedNot started55-59Male min/m
546Debbie BendeleNot startedNot started50-54Female min/m
547Ashley BenjaminNot startedNot started25-29Female min/m
548Vicki BennettNot startedNot started70-100Female min/m
549Tyler BergNot startedNot started35-39Male min/m
550Seth BerghorstNot startedNot started35-39Male min/m
Page 1 of 15 (715 items)

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