2018 Tails To The Trails
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Sep 29 2018
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Race No
Gun Time
Net Time
Cat Pos *
Gen Pos
6601Natalie Battista29:1829:1420 - 291Female39:25 min/m
29603Logan Bogdan50:1449:5620 - 291Male1016:06 min/m
2623Michael Laferle26:1926:1540 - 491Male28:28 min/m
5632Agnieszka Palucki28:3028:3040 - 491Female29:11 min/m
4635Debi Raab27:5027:48Overall1Female18:58 min/m
1640Kyle Russell26:1426:14Overall1Male18:28 min/m
7642Crystal Smith29:2329:1730 - 391Female49:27 min/m
26645Cary Sroka46:1745:4660 - 691Female1714:45 min/m
51648Anne Thomas1:00:441:00:2770 +1Female3719:30 min/m
23649Isabella Vincent40:3540:2319 and Under1Female1513:01 min/m
50655Aiden McDonald59:1458:5819 and Under1Male1419:01 min/m
11661Dave Cottrell32:4632:4450 - 591Male510:33 min/m
17665Kimmy Grodus35:0834:5350 - 591Female1011:15 min/m
10667Brandon Kirk32:0831:5830 - 391Male410:18 min/m
15668Angela Scott35:0735:0520 - 292Female811:19 min/m
16669Laura Scott35:0735:0550 - 592Female911:19 min/m
9664Stephanie Whitmore32:0831:5730 - 392Female610:18 min/m
14652Christopher Wilkewicz34:2434:1730 - 392Male711:03 min/m
27638Celeste Rose46:2245:5260 - 692Female1814:47 min/m
8621Hope Kirsch30:2230:2140 - 492Female59:47 min/m
12606Russell Carter33:4433:4250 - 592Male610:52 min/m
3613Dave Gerlach26:3726:3640 - 492Male38:35 min/m
45617Chad Johns55:1054:4920 - 292Male1217:41 min/m
31614Tiffani Gittens50:3050:1520 - 293Female2116:12 min/m
19637Randy Rogers36:4636:4250 - 593Male811:50 min/m
13651Amy Wilkewicz33:5633:5130 - 393Female710:55 min/m
28646Katie Starosta46:2645:5050 - 593Female1914:47 min/m
18666Nikki Holland35:1535:0140 - 493Female1111:17 min/m
25659Chris Keller45:4644:4440 - 493Male914:25 min/m
20663Sarah Scurti38:2338:2230 - 394Female1212:22 min/m
46644Troy Smith58:2958:0450 - 594Male1318:44 min/m
30673Laura Kujawski50:2950:1450 - 594Female2016:12 min/m
43629Scott Mayer55:0454:5640 - 494Male1117:43 min/m
40604Emily Braciszewski53:4353:2520 - 294Female3017:14 min/m
32605Heather Carrier51:1650:3440 - 494Female2216:18 min/m
42607Rusty Carter54:5854:3720 - 295Female3217:37 min/m
22611Christine Finnigan38:4838:4230 - 395Female1412:29 min/m
33670Karin Polasek51:1750:3750 - 595Female2316:19 min/m
37634Leslie Potts52:3452:1440 - 495Female2716:51 min/m
62636Angela Roberts1:11:451:11:2320 - 296Female4823:01 min/m
44628Dawn Mayer55:0554:5940 - 496Female3317:44 min/m
21639Amanda Russell38:4638:4530 - 396Female1312:30 min/m
34657Stephanie Dunn51:3251:1250 - 596Female2416:31 min/m
24658Renee Keller45:4544:4430 - 397Female1614:25 min/m
38662Brenda Peters52:3952:1350 - 597Female2816:50 min/m
47660Heidi Eversole58:3858:1440 - 497Female3418:47 min/m
61608Emily Czarniak1:11:441:11:2320 - 297Female4723:01 min/m
48609Michele Destefano58:4258:1840 - 498Female3518:48 min/m
36630Elizabeth Mckenna52:2952:0030 - 398Female2616:46 min/m
41647Robin Stevens53:4653:2550 - 598Female3117:14 min/m
Page 1 of 2 (65 items)

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