2018 RunTough for ChadTough
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Sep 29 2018
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Race No
Net Time *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1347Zachary Miklja17:1716 - 291Male15:34 min/m
21517Micah Harris17:3516 - 292Male25:40 min/m
31509Grant Santos17:5416 - 293Male35:46 min/m
4423Jon Roussey17:5630 - 441Male45:47 min/m
5573Brendan Mullan18:2716 - 294Male55:57 min/m
6463Ammon Stacey18:3315 and under1Male65:59 min/m
7387Laurel Park18:3545 - 591Female15:59 min/m
8511Dan Vaughn18:4230 - 442Male76:02 min/m
91522Hagan Schneider18:5116 - 295Male86:04 min/m
10377Shay Ohtonen19:1715 and under2Male96:13 min/m
11466Justin Stahl19:2130 - 443Male106:14 min/m
12462William Stacey19:3345 - 591Male116:18 min/m
13587Edward Feng19:3630 - 444Male126:19 min/m
14244Matthew Hughes19:3630 - 445Male136:19 min/m
15404Kent Purdy19:4145 - 592Male146:21 min/m
16450Tim Smallidge19:5330 - 446Male156:24 min/m
17141Petri Du Plessis19:5830 - 447Male166:26 min/m
18309Al Luna20:0345 - 593Male176:28 min/m
19600Benton Joshua20:1016 - 296Male186:30 min/m
20427Case Rumpsa20:2315 and under3Male196:34 min/m
21438Pete Schwartz20:2745 - 594Male206:36 min/m
229Mike Apone20:3630 - 448Male216:38 min/m
23528Spencer Wetherbee20:4415 and under4Male226:41 min/m
24221Lauren Hess20:4730 - 449Male236:42 min/m
25500Cade Tousa20:4915 and under5Male246:43 min/m
26353Kent Morrison20:5045 - 595Male256:43 min/m
27220Aaron Hess20:5116 - 297Male266:43 min/m
28437Scott Schultz21:1030 - 4410Male276:49 min/m
2978Lael Bryant21:1130 - 4411Male286:50 min/m
30348Wes Miller21:1245 - 596Male296:50 min/m
3169Thomas Bourque21:1560 +1Male306:51 min/m
3215Johnny Arvai21:1715 and under6Male316:52 min/m
33305Steve Lore21:2945 - 597Male326:55 min/m
34541Luke Yaklich21:3630 - 4412Male336:58 min/m
35449Cole Sitterley21:4015 and under7Male346:59 min/m
36446Daniel Sheidy21:4430 - 4413Male357:00 min/m
37435Alyssa Scheske21:4516 - 291Female27:01 min/m
3832Bob Barden21:5245 - 598Male367:03 min/m
391501Alexander Novak21:5616 - 298Male377:04 min/m
40335Daniel Mcgillicuddy21:5730 - 4414Male387:04 min/m
41535Jessica Wolverton21:5830 - 441Female37:05 min/m
42548Michael Boe22:0316 - 299Male397:06 min/m
43104Michele Chudzinski22:0616 - 292Female47:08 min/m
44417Leah Robertson22:0730 - 442Female57:08 min/m
451515Alan Tolcher22:0730 - 4415Male407:08 min/m
46166Chadwick Frank22:0916 - 2910Male417:08 min/m
47246Andrea Hyslop22:1845 - 592Female67:11 min/m
48431Dominic Sandlin22:2715 and under8Male427:14 min/m
49349Andrew Miller22:2930 - 4416Male437:15 min/m
52429Jonathan Sanderson22:3615 and under9Male467:17 min/m
Page 1 of 11 (503 items)

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