2018 RunTough for ChadTough
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Sep 29 2018
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1471Payton Aagesen26:5715 and under9Female538:41 min/m
3422Austin Abbate37:0215 and under47Male17511:56 min/m
3215Johnny Arvai21:1715 and under6Male316:52 min/m
9026Lucas Bae24:5515 and under17Male688:02 min/m
12727Mia Bae26:1615 and under6Female438:28 min/m
26535Marcelo Barnes32:2215 and under39Male14610:26 min/m
33538Gavin Bast36:3215 and under44Male17111:47 min/m
39039Mara Bast41:2715 and under26Female20013:22 min/m
11554Ari Blank25:4815 and under22Male818:19 min/m
43455Ella Blank46:4215 and under31Female23415:03 min/m
6463Ruth Bonfiglio23:3215 and under1Female107:35 min/m
11073Lincoln Brasser25:3415 and under21Male798:14 min/m
8581Gavin Burt24:4315 and under16Male667:58 min/m
20189Noah Caiazza29:3215 and under31Male1199:31 min/m
26490Cyrus Caiazza32:1415 and under38Male14510:24 min/m
223100Julia Chapman30:2115 and under15Female949:47 min/m
136103Max Cherrin26:3815 and under24Male898:35 min/m
159119Dillon Crooks27:3215 and under26Male988:53 min/m
261120Jaxon Crooks32:1115 and under37Male14410:23 min/m
481127Talia Dauer52:1315 and under34Female26816:50 min/m
69132Isaac Dean23:4715 and under14Male587:40 min/m
290133Noah Dean33:3215 and under41Male15110:49 min/m
54134Doug Deronne22:4315 and under11Male487:19 min/m
299144Zach Edwards34:1215 and under42Male15611:02 min/m
471145Jake Edwards51:3015 and under52Male21216:37 min/m
161150Breille Eugeni27:3515 and under11Female628:54 min/m
419153Lydia Fabry46:0415 and under30Female22214:51 min/m
396162Ellie Fordeck42:3715 and under28Female20613:44 min/m
449163Shelby Fordeck48:5715 and under32Female24415:47 min/m
240175June Galban31:1815 and under16Female10510:05 min/m
107176Sienna Galban25:2415 and under4Female298:11 min/m
279183Kylie Gibbs32:5715 and under18Female13110:37 min/m
260180Tyler Gibbs32:0815 and under36Male14310:22 min/m
134199Sarah Hamann26:3615 and under8Female478:34 min/m
93222Owen Higley25:0515 and under18Male718:05 min/m
258224Brody Hill31:5615 and under35Male14210:18 min/m
289233Ben Holtz33:3115 and under40Male15010:48 min/m
169237Benjamin Hopson27:4715 and under28Male1028:57 min/m
313242Riley Howe34:4515 and under23Female15111:12 min/m
281253Alivia Jager32:5815 and under20Female13310:38 min/m
143262Lucas Kennard26:5315 and under25Male938:40 min/m
104274Noah Kronberg25:2115 and under20Male778:10 min/m
60271Sam Kreuzer23:2415 and under12Male527:33 min/m
280286Cj Lefort32:5715 and under19Female13210:38 min/m
212288Tyler Lenett30:0415 and under32Male1249:42 min/m
193295Nate Ley29:1515 and under30Male1159:26 min/m
129329Maddie May26:2615 and under7Female458:31 min/m
368342Andrew Mercer39:4215 and under48Male18412:48 min/m
338343Nathan Mercer36:4915 and under46Male17411:52 min/m
163358Ashtyn Mosingo27:3715 and under12Female638:54 min/m
Page 1 of 11 (503 items)

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