2018 RunTough for ChadTough
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Sep 29 2018
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Race No
Name *
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
350476Aarika Stovcsik38:2430 - 4472Female17212:23 min/m
17228Aaron Bailey27:5530 - 4437Male1049:00 min/m
13777Aaron Brown26:4430 - 4432Male908:37 min/m
102102Aaron Chatfield25:1830 - 4428Male768:09 min/m
27220Aaron Hess20:5116 - 297Male266:43 min/m
283546Addison Zabriskie33:1315 and under21Female13410:42 min/m
18309Al Luna20:0345 - 593Male176:28 min/m
451515Alan Tolcher22:0730 - 4415Male407:08 min/m
95326Alesha Matthews25:0830 - 4412Female248:06 min/m
192129Alex Davis29:1416 - 2918Male1149:26 min/m
82545Alex Zabriskie24:2515 and under15Male647:52 min/m
391501Alexander Novak21:5616 - 298Male377:04 min/m
158569Alexandria Kerrigan27:3216 - 2910Female618:53 min/m
237177Alicia Gardner-Aben30:4930 - 4449Female1029:56 min/m
70571Alina Luurtsema23:5116 - 294Female127:41 min/m
354118Alison Crites38:3416 - 2929Female17412:26 min/m
281253Alivia Jager32:5815 and under20Female13310:38 min/m
494284Alyssa Lasley55:0830 - 44119Female28017:47 min/m
37435Alyssa Scheske21:4516 - 291Female27:01 min/m
48256Amanda Bledsoe52:1830 - 44113Female26916:52 min/m
238156Amanda Fair30:5716 - 2918Female1039:59 min/m
221164Amanda Foulds30:1930 - 4445Female929:47 min/m
360249Amber Ivan39:0916 - 2930Female17912:38 min/m
332522Amber Weichel-Redlinger36:1545 - 5939Female16411:41 min/m
6463Ammon Stacey18:3315 and under1Male65:59 min/m
365167Amy Franke39:2630 - 4478Female18312:43 min/m
266584Amy Loveland32:2530 - 4455Female12010:27 min/m
343366Amy Mulligan37:0230 - 4470Female16811:57 min/m
307375Amy O'brien34:2916 - 2927Female14811:07 min/m
318412Amy Reiser34:5845 - 5935Female15511:16 min/m
319493Amy Thompson35:1030 - 4466Female15611:20 min/m
263138Ana Dora32:1330 - 4454Female11910:23 min/m
478509Anders Varga51:5945 - 5958Male21316:46 min/m
47246Andrea Hyslop22:1845 - 592Female67:11 min/m
222312Andrea Luurtsema30:2016 - 2916Female939:47 min/m
407355Andrea Mortimer44:4760 +11Female21314:26 min/m
368342Andrew Mercer39:4215 and under48Male18412:48 min/m
49349Andrew Miller22:2930 - 4416Male437:15 min/m
312411Andrew Reiser34:4245 - 5940Male16211:11 min/m
235486Andrew Tadd30:4830 - 4445Male1359:56 min/m
254436Angela Schmidt31:5145 - 5924Female11510:16 min/m
94155Annah Fair25:0616 - 296Female238:06 min/m
402140Anne Drummond44:1630 - 4491Female20914:16 min/m
287340Anne Mcneil33:2930 - 4460Female13810:48 min/m
424388Anne Patterson46:0945 - 5954Female22714:53 min/m
108260Annette Kavanaugh25:2545 - 596Female308:12 min/m
309523Anouk Weiss34:3030 - 4463Female15011:07 min/m
348223Antoinette Hill38:1360 +7Female17112:19 min/m
11554Ari Blank25:4815 and under22Male818:19 min/m
179444Arjun Sennerikuppam28:3115 and under29Male1089:12 min/m
Page 1 of 11 (503 items)

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