2018 RunTough for ChadTough
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Sep 29 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gender *
Gen Pos
1471Payton Aagesen26:5715 and under9Female538:41 min/m
1245Kathryn Albright26:0745 - 597Female408:25 min/m
4966Emilee Anderson55:1416 - 2937Female28217:49 min/m
29811Kelsey Arendt34:0716 - 2925Female14311:00 min/m
7612Kim Arico24:1445 - 594Female167:49 min/m
5614Bree Arvai23:1030 - 443Female77:28 min/m
49516Tarah Ash55:0830 - 44120Female28117:47 min/m
45517Jen Atanosian-Bax49:2130 - 44105Female24815:55 min/m
47618Sabrina Atanosian-Byrd51:5330 - 44111Female26416:44 min/m
3168Lauren Apone34:5030 - 4465Female15411:14 min/m
17325Jennifer Bae27:5530 - 4431Female699:00 min/m
12727Mia Bae26:1615 and under6Female438:28 min/m
11229Emily Bailey25:4530 - 4416Female338:18 min/m
10531Jasmine Banafshe25:2116 - 297Female288:10 min/m
48933Janet Barden53:5645 - 5971Female27517:24 min/m
38936Darcy Bast41:2445 - 5948Female19913:21 min/m
39039Mara Bast41:2715 and under26Female20013:22 min/m
27140Claudene Bauer32:3345 - 5928Female12310:30 min/m
47342Jennifer Beaver51:5130 - 44109Female26116:43 min/m
12844Lindsay Beerens26:1830 - 4422Female448:29 min/m
13345Sarah Behncke26:3530 - 4423Female468:34 min/m
8446Danielle Berger24:3730 - 449Female197:56 min/m
36750Diedre Birkmeyer39:3730 - 4479Female18412:47 min/m
43455Ella Blank46:4215 and under31Female23415:03 min/m
48256Amanda Bledsoe52:1830 - 44113Female26916:52 min/m
48357Cheri Bledsoe52:1960 +17Female27016:52 min/m
38258Yvette Blough40:2645 - 5946Female19313:02 min/m
23361Jalen Bodrie30:4716 - 2917Female1009:55 min/m
39262Debbie Bolling41:4745 - 5949Female20213:28 min/m
6463Ruth Bonfiglio23:3215 and under1Female107:35 min/m
43353Jamie Blank46:4130 - 44100Female23315:03 min/m
9870Lisa Bozzi25:1145 - 595Female258:07 min/m
15472Bethany Brasser27:2130 - 4428Female588:49 min/m
32975Deb Brow36:0245 - 5938Female16211:37 min/m
50279Beverly Buritz58:0460 +21Female28718:44 min/m
24380Jennifer Burt31:2030 - 4450Female10710:06 min/m
15283Rachel Burton27:1030 - 4427Female578:45 min/m
44684Jenna Bush48:1930 - 44102Female24215:35 min/m
29686Melissa Butzow33:4416 - 2924Female14110:53 min/m
27591Dottie Caldwell32:4245 - 5929Female12710:33 min/m
44593Lauren Cannistraro48:1545 - 5960Female24115:34 min/m
223100Julia Chapman30:2115 and under15Female949:47 min/m
315101Chanelle Chatfield34:5016 - 2928Female15311:14 min/m
42797Diane Carrico46:1845 - 5955Female22814:56 min/m
43104Michele Chudzinski22:0616 - 292Female47:08 min/m
373105Katie Cischke39:4830 - 4482Female18712:50 min/m
454107Mickela Clair49:2030 - 44104Female24715:55 min/m
488108Sandy Clauson53:3560 +19Female27417:17 min/m
267111Kimberly Conn32:2716 - 2921Female12110:28 min/m
411112Karen Cooke45:4045 - 5952Female21614:44 min/m
Page 1 of 11 (503 items)

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